Is Home Repair Like Cooking?

A rather odd comparison. Lets say you are about to cook a nice meal and you want it to be perfect. You would probably have to decide on what you would like to cook, get a recipe out, if you have one and see what ingredients you have on hand. Then make a list of the things you will need to pick up at the store. Once you are ready to begin preparation of your meal, you will gather up all the utensils, ingredients and set aside the time to complete your meal.The same goes for home repair done by the homeowner. Our attempt at the more common repair jobs around the home really is like cooking. We decide that this or that needs to be repaired. If we have any kind of directions, we will get them out to study. Then check to make sure that we have the tools, hardware and any other things for doing the work. Make a list of parts and materials we will need from the store. Once we are ready to begin the repair, we gather up all the tools, parts and set aside some time for the task.Some of you may disagree with this thinking but, think for a moment. Its all in the attitude of the individual. Can we cook a meal, or can we repair the leaky faucet? I say yes we can but, not at the same time. I noticed this the other day when I was making Spaghetti sauce from scratch. I wanted to cook something for the family and lunches if there was any left over. It was the same gathering of utensils (tools), ingredients (parts) and time to complete the meal (the job). The meal was a success by the way.What I’m trying to get across to all of us is that if we approach repair or cooking or any other thing we enjoy, it seems to all have a process of set up, gathering and follow through. So all the best in your adventures at home whatever it is.

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